Situational Awareness


The topic of Situational Awareness is a topic that has grown more popular as violence has increased in this country. The topic covers a broad spectrum of topics and depending on your situation and your environment, you may need to master a set number of skills for you and your family to stay safe.

Here for our purposes we have broke the subject down into two different categories. No matter your geographic area or your situation, These two areas should help you avoid a bad situation and help keep yourself safe.

The first area will be covered in the Introduction video. We will discuss how to avoid becoming a victim and how to recognize the tall tail signs of an impending attack. If you can avoid an attack, do it, but you have to know what to look for.

The other area covered in Situational Awareness is to know who and what is in your area or neighborhood. Open source information is extremely easy to get and it can help you learn what is in your local community. The Get Started video will discuss these topics and pay attention because there will be a short quiz at the end covering both videos.



Link to area study^^^^

Local group training

  1. Print out and fill in Area Study/Assessment within a 10 mile or so radius of your home
  2. Explain how you would gather information around your home as far as crime and other possible hot spots.