Shelter & Warmth

The need for shelter and warmth is essential to your survival. The February power outage in Texas, along with the Kentucky tornado demonstrate that threatening conditions can leave you feeling cold inside out physically as well mentally from lack of resources such as energy needed go on living while others around them suffer or die because they did not have adequate resources in these disasters.

In the Shelter & Warmth category, we will discuss things like:

  • Roof care and maintenance
  • Generators as alternative power sources
  • Staying warm during a power outage
  • much more!

Meet Our Shelter & Warmth Experts

We are currently on the lookout for Members (just like you!) to stand in and share their expertise with the AmCon Member Network. If finding/creating Shelter & Warmth is something you are passionate about, reach out to Noell, our Training Manager. He will get you pointed in the right direction. His email address is

What if…

  • You experienced a prolonged power outage in your area with sub-zero temperatures and your heating system couldn’t function. How could you stay warm?
  • You got an emergency evacuation order in the next 6 hours. Where would you go? What would you take? What unusual circumstances (elderly parent, disabled person, pets…) would you have to consider?
  • Your area was hit by a tornado. Do you have a step-by-step plan for: Protecting your contents? Relocating? Securing your property?

Courses You May Be Interested In…

  • Courses are currently under development for this group! Check the full Course Catalog here.

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