Without we are unable to protect ourselves from outside threats, like criminals and predators. The best way is by being aware of our surroundings so that we can defend against them before they attack. The news is a constant reminder to us of the threat surrounding us everyday!

In the Security & Defense category, we will discuss things like:

  • Being aware of your surroundings
  • Home protection
  • Handgun training
  • Online security and privacy
  • much more!

Meet Our Security & Defense Experts

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What if…

  • You had an emergency and had to leave your home unattended for a month. Do you have a system(not a security system but a system of security) for securing your home?
  • Your virtual presence is compromised. How do you find out what information has been compromised? How do you isolate the event? Create a two factor authentication for important data?
  • You had a breach of your home security while your family is in your home. How would you isolate an intruder? Does everyone know what to do and where to go?

Courses You May Be Interested In…

  • Courses are currently under development for this group! Check the full Course Catalog here.

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