Outdoor Skills

Since we can’t just stay inside our whole lives and most AmCon members like the outdoors, having some basic outdoor skills is very important. Most people feel much more comfortable in the outdoors when they have some outdoor or bushcraft skills. 

We in AmCon like to go camping together on events. These camping excursions, whether with your family or with AmCon, are a perfect time to figure out some of those outdoor skills. Simple things like setting up your tent, building a fire or figuring out the sanitation of your camping site will put you miles ahead of some of your neighbors and friends that never do any camping.

Having those outdoor skills can also help you in an austere or a survival type situation. In that type of a situation, you will have plenty to deal with and knowing how to build a shelter, start a fire, or keep warm at night can take some of the burden off of you. 

You will also find that some of the other categories will spill over into the outdoor skills category, like medical, the use of a map and compass, etc. Outdoor skills is a vast topic and we are only touching on some of the more important ones here.

Introduction to Outdoors Video

Get Started Video for Outdoors

Outdoor Quiz

Skills to be done in your local charter.

  1. Knots (Square Knot, Bowline, two half hitches, clove hitch, prussic).
  2. Start a fire with and without matches with material you find in nature.
  3. Construct a tarp shelter.

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