Income & Economics

Without income & economic preparation your ability to create a value exchange is gone. The incomes, or earnings, that you receive from your work is often used to purchase goods in return for services rendered. The current runaway inflation numbers are eating into that ability everyday. AmCon’s Income & Economics topic focus will help you develop alternatives.

In the Income & Economics category, we will discuss things like:

  • Financial Independence
  • Economic Impacts on our Network
  • Dealing with Supply Chain Issues
  • much more!

Meet Our Income & Economics Experts

We are currently on the lookout for Members (just like you!) to stand in and share their expertise with the AmCon Member Network. If income & economics are something you are passionate about, reach out to Noell, our Training Manager. He will get you pointed in the right direction. His email address is

What if…

  • Inflation continues to rise at the current rate
  • The “great Resignation” negatively impact your ability to negotiate a sustainable wage.
  • Economic alternatives in the current environment

Courses You May Be Interested In…

  • Courses are currently under development for this group! Check the full Course Catalog here.

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