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Most would probably feel that the Home and Family is more of a “low speed” category. That is further from the truth. Nothing could be more important to an AmCon member than his or her family.  There are many things that can be discussed in this category but we are going to talk about things that will keep you and your family safe and prepared in an austere environment.

In the Introduction video, we will talk about threats that could affect your family. American Contingency has developed an effective way for your family to plan for an emergency, it is call the “My Ready Plan” (myreadyplan.com). My Ready Plan walks you through the steps to create your own plan.

In the Get Started video we will discuss the unthinkable happening. A rogue nation attacking our country with an Electro Magnetic Pulse (EMP) or a power grid down scenario.  Do you have a family plan to get your family back together if there are no communications and no vehicles? If it is winter, and the power is out, could you keep your family warm?  Remember, in the outdoor video we went over how to stay warm using a sleeping bag.

Once you complete the two videos, take a moment to read and fill out your “My Ready Plan”. This is also a great opportunity to get the family together and discuss what to do when things go bad.  

Introduction Video to Home and Family

Get Started Video for Home and Family

Home quiz

Hands on training at local charter.

  1. Discuss with the group how each member of your family participates in preparedness.
  2. Discuss how your house can be set up for a power grid down situation.
  3. Create a family contingency plan to get them back together if there are no communications or vehicles don’t work due to EMP attack.

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