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Few things in life are more important to us than family! That’s why having a plan is so critical. Did you know that on average, 358,500 homes experience a structure fire every year? And according to FEMA statistics, a small cooking fire can turn into a major blaze in as little as 30 second! Does your family have a plan? Having a plan may make all the difference when critical moments occur!

In the Home & Family category we talk about lots more than just fires though. You can expect to see discussions on things like:

  • Starting a Homestead with Small Animals
  • Homeschooling
  • Traveling with Small Children
  • much more!

Meet Our Home & Homestead Experts

We are currently on the lookout for Members (just like you!) to stand in and share their expertise with the AmCon Member Network. If homesteading is something you are passionate about, reach out to Noell, our Training Manager. He will get you pointed in the right direction. His email address is training@AmericanContingency.com.

What if…

  • the weather alert went off on your phone stating there was a tornado on the way, would you know what to do?
  • you are unhappy with the curriculum at your child’s school and want to look for homeschool resources, would you know where to look?
  • your neighbors want to start a neighborhood watch program, would you know where to start?

Courses You May Be Interested In…

  • Courses are currently under development for Home & Family! Check the full Course Catalog here.

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