Sometimes AmCon members can find themselves in a physical situation that may require them to be in good health.  As we grow, we are forming Disaster Response Groups. In a disaster area, a lot of the things we take for granted in our normal day to day lives may not be there. Food, water and other comfort items missing from our lives could cause some stress. Usually being fit will allow you to deal with that stress. We will also talk about other things associated with a disaster area.

In the Introduction video, we will talk about some simple ways to keep yourself fit. Though you may know some of these things, it is always good to be reminded of them. You don’t have to wait until the first of the year to start a workout program or start to eat right. Just doing some simple things will keep you in good shape and add years to your life.

The Get Started video will talk about your health if your are in a disaster area and how you can keep yourself healthy over a prolonged situation. So you have made it through the disaster, now what? Have you thought about your sanitation? If you have no power, you may not have any water for cleaning, drinking, bathing or flushing your toilet. Do you have a plan for these?  A great resource for field sanitation is the US Army Special Forces Medical Handbook By United States Army Institute for Military Assistance, Chapter 20.

Introduction Video for Health

Get Started Video for Health

Health quiz

Hands on training at the local group

  1. Explain how eating good and exercising will help you in your AmCon mission.
  2. In an austere environment, how would you keep your family or neighborhood in good health? Explain how to sanitize cooking utensils, set up a toilet, bath and drink water. 

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