Food & Water

Without food and water the human body will die. With the average household in the United States having three days or less of food on hand and no way to store or purify water…ensuring you have the calories and the hydration necessary to keep yourself and you family safe is critical!

In the Food & Water category, we will discuss things like:

  • Food and water storage basics
  • Growing your own food
  • Safely preserving food and water
  • much more!

Meet Our Food & Water Experts

We are currently on the lookout for Members (just like you!) to stand in and share their expertise with the AmCon Member Network. If Food & Water is your something you are passionate about, reach out to Noell, our Training Manager. He will get you pointed in the right direction. His email address is

What if…

  • a natural disaster moved through your area. How long would the food you currently have on hand last? Would you be able to get more?
  • supply chains were interrupted in another part of the country. How would that impact availability in your area?
  • the local government issues a water quality notice. Would you know what to do? Do you have the supplies to make water safe to drink?

Courses You May Be Interested In…

Courses are currently under development for this group! Check the full Course Catalog here.

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