Defense – the action of defending from or resisting attack.

As a American Contingency member you are interested in the security and defense of you and your family. American Contingency is not a firearms based organization. Nor do we teach any offensive tactics. Out of the 12 training categories only the Defense categories addresses firearms for defensive purposes only. Within the firearms program we cover the handgun, carbine/rifle and shotgun

In the introduction video we are going to talk about 2 very important things;

You need to be very familiar with the 4 safety rules. We will cover the 3 most important things to know about shooting a pistol, sight alignment/sight picture, grip and trigger pull.

State Laws – Each state has its own self defense laws. Before you defend yourself you must know the use of force laws or you could land in prison very fast if you act inappropriately to the situation. If you travel out of your state, you are responsible to know the laws of the state you have traveled to.

The Get Started video will talk about how to select the right pistol for yourself. In the video we will talk about the good and bad features of the pistols and the size reference to what you intend to use the pistol for. Don’t let anyone tell you what type or caliber of gun you should get. Do your own research and it is very important for you to fire the pistol before you purchase it.

Defense Introduction Video

Defense Get Started Video

Defense Quiz

Hands on training to do in your local charter.

  1. Complete one AmCon firearms course