Community Leadership

Without Community Leadership any local community will devolve into chaos. Being a leader in your community means that you are responsible for making decisions that will help improve the community as a whole. This might include working with local government officials to get things done, or organizing events and programs that will bring people together.

Local leaders within a community who care deeply about helping the community and have the ability to influence the people living there will have the greatest impact.

In the Community Leadership category, we will discuss things like:

  • How to get involved in the community
  • Your role in the local community
  • Leadership skills
  • much more!

What if…

  • A local disaster like a tornado hits your community. Do you know where you can make the biggest impact immediately? Can you identify existing resources/services to reduce duplication of effort?
  • The local school board is moving in a direction that no longer reflects the values of parents or the local community. Do you know what actions you can take? Do you know who to contact?
  • A local election is happening in two months. Do you know how to evaluate your candidates?

Courses You May Be Interested In…

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